Saturday, August 8, 2009


What a beautiful piece for a "self-improvement kit"!!! This visualized story is not about cooking and it is not about links between generations. Neither it is about cultural heritage or cultural differences. This movie is an almost intimidating instruction on how to get committed and how to keep your "motivation shoes" on.

Coincidence: the book I ordered a couple of weeks from Amazon arrived yesterday. I found it in the mailbox coming back from the movies - all inspired by a simplistic way suggested to handle our laziness, uncertainty and shyness to get something DONE, COMPLETED! It didn't take me long to unwrap it :) Guess, what! Apparently there are no easy ways to get motivated, keep the drive within yourself no matter what anyone around you says or does.

Subject to explore... I have many more ideas popping up in my head than I in fact bring to life. Moreover, I do start projects with the best intention at heart but somewhere mid-way they vanish and I have no clue how to "gain" them back...

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