Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Check-in. What's in it for you?

Would you know the difference between a hotel and a guest house? One may think the size, the price, the room service. Well, that too, though you would know it the moment you set your foot in the building.

In a hotel you are greeted by a concierge, by a reception clerk, anyways, by a person trained to welcome guests. In a guest house you can skip all that. Depending on the hour of your arrival you find the guest house owner somewhere around the premises. After 7pm, most likely - having dinner, sharing the meal with friends and some guests already "checked-in". All men around the table, so no shirts required :). Just by your first name (no ID checked) the owner, Garik, is ready to show you your room. He somewhat covers his torso, grabs your suitcases and heads upstairs. You only need to follow. Having realized both suitcases are heavy Garik has an immediate solution - he pulls one of the guests from the table, gives him one of the cases, and you are all taking off, marching stairs to the fourth floor. How Garik convinces your helper is beyond understanding - with zero English vocabulary he appeals to everyone being Canadian (Bryan is from Vancouver) hence having to help each other. Two more minutes and you are all set in your room under the very roof, in a quiet corner, with a sky view over Adler.

Russian version

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