Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Up in the air...

Taking off. Dreams ought to come true.

So many words said about the dual sensation the plan to go to Sochi creates. Today I know for sure that I am willing and will avoid expressing my views on the politics in Russia while speaking of the Winter Olympic Games 2014. Here is why. Sitting comfortably in a chair, thinking that Russia is no place for the Olympics, being concerned by misuse of budget, corruption, by the impact on the ecology and on the region's future is an easy thing to do. Had the citizen society been strong enough to rise against the very application of Sochi as he host city for the Games back in 2007, we wouldn't end up in an awkward situation having the population pay a huge price for the event and not being able to afford or not willing to attend it and support their fellow athletes. Lesson learnt: raising one's voice is key before things become irreversible. Flooding social media with opinions now, weeks or days before the opening ceremony is easy, while does not lead anywhere.

I've been dreaming of going to Winter Olympic games for some time now, no matter the host place. 2014 turned out to be the perfect time to make this dream of mine come true. So here we are on the plane taking us to Europe. We will be landing in Sochi International airport in 12 hours or so. Safety and security concerns pulsing in Canada go overboard. Some hockey players' families supposedly refused to travel to Sochi. Nevertheless, some journalists, volunteers, athletes' parents are on the same flight as us. I want to be in the Olympic park for the same reasons they are going. Except my cheek will be painted three colors :) and long months of the voyage planning are totally worth it. And one more reason... I've never been to Sochi before, only traveled to the other side of the Caucasus. The view of the seashore and the white mountain tops must be marvelous.

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